Monday, March 16, 2009

SLC Places to be

Salt Lake City, Utah

Eggs in the City
The most amazing secret tucked into the neighborhoods above 13th East. It is actually an old auto garage that has been renovated to serve as a small breakfast and lunch café. The food is fresh and the kitchen is open for visitors at the bar to watch the cooks. The staff is amazing and the owner is often there working on the weekends. They welcome special orders and want you to have everything your way.

Desert Edge Brewery " At The Pub"
Desert Edge is home to Happy Valley Hefiweisen the beer that defined my college days. It is also home to some amazing French onion soup, the best black bean veggie burger, and other fresh takes on traditional pub food. Everything is made from scratch including the beer (brewed downstairs under the pub). The service is great and they have a student discount on beer just show your university ID to your sever when you sit down. This is where I had my going away dinner if that says anything. It is hands down the best place to get a seat on the deck and just enjoy food and sun with friends. I can honestly say I have been disappointed there and it is one of the simple places I miss most in SLC. There are many memories with friends that fill that place and there are days my heart aches to pick up the phone and say meet me "At The Pub."

I will always grab a bite when I am in town and if you are in the SLC area Desert Edge is one of the best kept secrets right in Trolley Square. It far surpasses many of the more expensive eateries in the downtown area.
Be sure to have a pint for me!

The Porcupine Bar & Grille
Amazing little chalet at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon. They have 24 beers on tap most of which are locally brewed and amazing gastro pub food. My favorite is their grilled flat bread with roasted red pepper sauce and goat cheese along side the Wasatch brewery's raspberry wheat beer.

The Bayou akaBeervana
As the name suggests this is a Creole restaurant and bar that has amazing food and a beer list that is unsurpassed in my experience. Beers imported from all over the country and the world, lots of microbrews and familiar offshore names. The Bayou Burger is must along with their sweetpotato french fries served with an amazing aioli. It only gets better
when a local jazz band or great solo artist start to play on a weekend night.

I will keep adding to the list as time goes on, until then, take a night off of cooking and the dirty dishes it creates and go eat some amazing food from the great chefs of Salt Lake City .

Hope you Enjoy!

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