Monday, March 16, 2009

Restless Feet

As many of you know I am nomadic by nature. In the past six months I have spent a significant amount of time in four very different parts of the world. In May of last year I graduated from the University of Utah with of all things a degree in Finance. My parents had been living abroad in Jakarta, Indonesia and were planning on moving home to the states for the first time in nearly ten years, more on all of that later. My best friend Carson and I decided to visit them in Asia as a graduation trip before they moved back stateside. It was amazing as always but even more so because I had my family and Carson with me. After a few months back home I made the long flight back to the states and spent some time in northern California. A little town called Arcata in Humboldt County. It is surrounded by the Redwood forests and is inhabited by lots of organic, all natural, food producers and consumers. My friend Collin has been a chef out there for several years now, and it is home of some of my favorite specialty food products (I now have friends sending me shipments of things I can't seem to live without.) After a few months in California it was time to take myself home to Salt Lake City for a last hurrah. Again in the great company of Carson, Ryan, Sarah, and the rest of the good old gang we savored the beautiful weather and colors of a Salt Lake Fall. As a last stop before my journey north to the great lakes I stopped by my Family's new house in Katy, Texas. It was the perfect ending to a crazy year; surrounded by my family and that feeling of the home and warmth you remember from childhood. Then as the New Year arrived I finally made my way to Michigan.

Needless to say after this whirlwind year I get a little home sick. The interesting thing is at any point in time I can get home sick for all of the places I mentioned. Home for me often falls outside the traditional concept for me because of my family's world travels and constant moving and my own restless feet. Home is where my heat is, with family and friends, with memories, and dreams. I miss little things about all the places I have been. When asked where my favorite place was is or where I would go back given the chance my answer is always the same. I am happy and I treasure what I have had and where I have been but I am not sad that I have left it. It's never the same place when you go back because places and people are organic and ever changing. I am always excited for the new places I go and what the future holds. This blog is still young and it was inspired by my move to Michigan in many ways, however I am going to share with you a few of my favorite places "back home" in case you ever have a chance to visit!


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