Monday, April 6, 2009

Ollie's Dearborn MI

A Dearborn Lunch Review

For the Ford workforce Ollie's is a lunchtime staple. Located on the corner of Mercury and Ford rd. it is super convenient for a huge portion of the Ford landscape including world headquarters. I usually bring my lunch and eat in my office (a hazard of always having delicious healthy leftovers). Today was one of the few days I escaped my desk for an hour to enjoy some food with friends from work. Now for those of you who don't know the desk I am always refereeing to is actually a Ford desk where I work as a financial analyst.

Ollie's is a Lebanese restaurant run by a family and it is delicious! I have spend some significant time in Middle East and the Caucuses and the food is something I miss terribly. It is funny to think some of my favorite comfort foods are chicken shawarma, humus, and donor kebab. Ollie's serves a great lunch specials that are tasty and traditional as well as affordable. I always get the same thing every time I go. I know that is just so unlike me but hey I am not going to monkey with my favorite. I always get their chicken shawarma sandwich with the crushed lentil soup.

The sandwich is roasted chicken with garlic sauce (toum) wrapped in a flat bread (similar to pita) along with onions, lettuce and tomatoes. There are a million different ways these sandwiches are served (some are made with lamb, or beef, or a combination of meats.) The salad components can vary widely as well including humus and yogurt sauce. I like the Ollie's version of the sandwich it is never to dry or sopping with sauce and the balance of spices is not overpowering. It makes a perfect light lunch and keeps me full all afternoon. The crushed lentil soup may be the real secret to Ollie's it is a buttery yellow color served with sesame bread and a lemon wedge. I like mine with a dash of black pepper and good squeeze of lemon. I dip the bread in the soup and it is instant warmth and satisfaction. It is a smooth soup though I do not think they use a cream of any kind. It is light and very balanced. A simple food at its best it showcases the lentils and the little lemon acid gives it the perfect high note.

Ollie's is a great place for people of all preferences; their menu has a lot of diversity and offers many Middle Eastern classics. The staff is friendly and attentive; you can really get that family run feel. They are also very good with special requests, if you want something spicy or mild just ask and they are always happy to supply me with extra toum! I would recommend Ollie's to anyone in the Dearborn area.


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